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Wife of Jim going on 20 years, mom of four aged infant to 17. Passionate about identity, small business, clean living (having dealt with severe health issues) and love God. So grateful for the gifts and beauty I am surrounded with and excited to walk into the fullness of who I am!

Our Favorite Past Times

We are a close knit family and we love doing things together. We love movies and tv, fine arts, good food, nature, reading, laughing and games, swimming (or playing in water, really, lol) and we LOVE babies... which is good. Because we have one. Baby's first birthday is early Feb. She is our light and joy, and also the reason I am chronically sleep deprived and lacking brain power. Amazing how critical sleep is for so many reasons. Oh well. However, any grammatical errors will be attributed to that, and rightfully so. haha

Fun Facts

We have started over having a new baby after getting the then youngest independent.... worth the exhaustion and physical pain. She is amazing! She is currently stacking blocks and she is not yet 11 months... but she does this like a pro! 

We are able to relate to a lot of family's with our family dynamic. Our oldest is 17 and graduated early, at age 16 from a local high school. Her intent was to enter a leadership school at church. She is the youngest there. 

Our second born homeschools, learns to navigate life while doing all the things this child loves despite an autism dx.

Our third is now homeschooling after being accepted into the gifted and talented program at school last year. This kid really wants to learn about herbs and has been doing that the last year but wanted to focus on that more. At EIGHT. Well, I give my kids room to grow and become just who they really are.

Baby is smart and fun. Walking now, but mostly crawling. Learning and growing... rather incredible. 

We are so blessed.

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